How to set DPD6N to automatically backup to another computer without connecting to the router?

Category : Setup / Operation

1. Please connect your devices to your DPD6N per the diagram below.

2. Turn on B device and follow the manual to change the device's IP to


3. Open web browser and link to, and you will see the setting page for the DPD6N, as can be seen below.

4. Turn on A Device, and change the device's IP address as follows.

「TCP IP 4」的圖片搜尋結果

IP Address:

Subnet mask will automatically be created after the IP address is given.

Default gateway keeps clean here.

Click OK.

5. Back to device B and change IP address in setting page as below.
IP address: (Any number you want except 1)

Mask here needs to be same as the one in device A.

Click save.

6. Set "Network" as auto backup.

Here, you need to make sure the device A has log-in password and a folder on Desktop to backup recorded video and photo from DPB 30/60.

Type \\\(name of the backup folder) in the first box.

Type the device's user name in the second. (if don't know, please go cmd.exe and type whoami)

Type the device's log-in password in the third.

Click save.

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